Jake and Nick Woelfle

"Dose are so cute!!!"  Alexandra Woelfle

Wade, Jake, Laurie, Nick and Alexandra (2-1/2)

On November 12, 1999 the Woelfle family was blessed with the addition of two precious angels, Jacob Dylan and Nicholas Baird.  Our identical twin boys were born 3 months early and made a dramatic entry into the world.  They were born at 2 lbs., 11 ounces (1220 grams) and 2 lbs., 12 ounces (1250 grams) respectively.  Since they were still so tiny, and not fully developed they were placed in the NICU at the Foothills Hospital in Calgary Alberta Canada, where they were born.  Over the course of the next couple of days we began to notice a few "abnormalties" but quickly put them aside as the issues of prematurity were more prevalent.  On their third day of life, the neonatologist brought the genetics team in to take a look at our boys and the rollercoaster ride began. 

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The broad thumbs, hairy little backs and angulated toes were not something to be so easily dismissed and there was more; small chins, low/rotated ears, flat fingers and a couple of fetal pads, low hairlines, and high, narrow palettes.  A week later, several other opinions and the clinical diagnosis of RTS was confirmed with 95% certainty.  Had it not been for the support of our family, we probably would have spiraled into total despair at this time.  The grief of having one child diagnosed with RTS is powerful, but the reality of having two is phenomenal.  With the help of the internet and most importantly our new RTS extended family, we started to put one foot back in front of the other and gather our strenth for the road ahead.  At 19 days of age both boys underwent surgery for patent ductus on their hearts.  Jake recovered well, but a week later Nick was clinging to life with a severely collapsed lung.  The Christmas Angel paid us a visit and Nick recovered.  By the week of Christmas our boys were moved out of the NICU to a special care nursery at a hospital closer to our home (Rockyview General Hospital).  They were placed into the same crib together for the first time since they were born, and they began to flourish!  They began to bottle feed regularly, they were growing at a great speed, and their oxygen requirements were diminishing.  77 days after they were born we packed them into their car seats (oxygen tanks in tow) and brought them home.  We have begun the wonderful journey of life with our little guys.  There are still moments of sadness and disbelief, but all it takes it sto look at them, and it all washes away.  As their older sister Alexandra says.... "Dose are so cute!!!"

Nick, Tigger and Jake.  3.5 months.  Patches on face to hold nasal canulas in place for oxygen.

Alexandra (2-1/2 yrs.), Nick and Jake.(4 months).

Jake and Nick April 10, 2000.

The Woelfle's can be reached at bunibrown@aol.com

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