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Veera was born on 17th August 1998 in Mumbai, India. Her mother is a Gynaecologist and father an O rthopaedic surgeon. She has one brother aged 7 and named Mohit. Veera was diagnosed at her age of one month. She has had no major problems so far, other than constipation and reflux. Her heart, kidneys, lungs,  hearing are normal and has broad but straight thumbs and toes (not requiring surgery). Her eyes apparently has no glaucoma but have not been checked as yet. 

Veera has started crawling and tries to stand up by holding chairs and tables. She is very cheerful and likes people.  She has a lovely smile and endears herself to all who come in contact with her. She recognises people and also gives clear indications when she is hungry, sleepy or wants to go to the toilet. She is as yet nonverbal. 


Veera was born on 17th August 1998. Today she is 15 years old and in good health. She goes to a special school. She can add, subtract, multiply and divide up to three digit numbers. She can understand four languages and speak fluently in three
including English (not her mother tongue). She has a fantastic memory. She is quite sociable.
   Veera has one elder and one younger brother who look after her very well when her parents who are doctors, are away.
She is fairly well toilet trained. She is a bit obese but fairly mobile.
   She has a fantastic sense of rhythm, likes to dance and watch TV and movies in theatres. She is very innocent in the ways of the world and loves her parents and maternal grand parents very much.

The photo was taken on our Independence day and that is why she is wearing this dress that has three colors of the National flag.

Information provided by

 Ramesh Bakshi (grandfather of Veera).