Tyler is adopted and was born 4/1/92. He joined our family at the age of 13 mos old. Tyler was placed undiagnosed. Last year he was seen by a genetist, after our adoption social worker suggested he be seen for RTS. She has placed a number of children for adoption who have RTS. It is believed that he also has a couple of other rare syndromes.

He was born 1 month premature, weighing 3 lbs 12 ozs. He was 13 lbs at age 13 mos. He has always had a very tough time with feeding. As he has got older he has a lot of constipation problems. He started walking at age 4 1/2, and started saying some words about the same time.  He is able to repeat most words now, and seems to be able to ask for things now. Of course only his family understands him


DeeDee & Juan Ortiz

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