Born on February 4, 2001 Travis was to become a true miracle baby.
During the pregnancy, a hole in the heart had been diagnosed and procedures were put into affect to deal with this at birth.
Within moments of birth, he went into respitory arrest and was rushed to Pediatrics NICU and was treated for very low blood sugar,
erratic heart beat, low oxygen levels, jaundice, suffered from apnea and was unable to maintain body heat. After a few hours we were informed of the diagnosis, RTS.  Godís hand was truly upon him, and after eleven (11) days, he was released from the hospital, though he was unable to eat by mouth and had to be fed through a tube through the nose.

At five (5) weeks old, he was experiencing serious weight loss and aspiration and was rushed to the hospital suffering from severe gastroesophageal reflux. Emergency surgery was done on April 7th,
wrapping part of his stomach around his esophagus to close it and a G-tube was implanted in the stomach for feeding.

Travis is now 28 months old, approximately 29 inches long and weighs 17.4 lbs. His growth rate has been very slow and finding formulas which his system can tolerate has been very difficult. He also now suffers from asthma and requires constant attention for respiratory problems and infections. Though unable to crawl, he navigates well by rolling and twisting to wherever he wishes to go. No words have been spoken but he often sings like a canary and displays the happiest and friendliest of personalities. Loving to be held and smiling when hearing the words I love you.

God has blessed him with us, but mostly us with him. To us and his one (1) year old healthy sister Alexis, he is our world and whatever the future might hold, he shall know our love will always be there to carry him through.

Phil & Jennifer Taylo


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