Tiffany6Tiffany was born on 1/27/87, in Montebello, Ca.
Her parents are Ricky J. Turner and Lynelle Turner (Henry), they are the parents of a daughter Naomi Turner (age 15).  Ricky and Lynelle are divorced and Lynelle has remarried.
Tiffany was diagnosed with RTS at 17 and one-half months old and diagnosed as (TRM) Trainable mental retarded.
Tiffany was enrolled in the LA unified School District at age 5.
She completed high school on June 17, 2009.
Tiffany has lived with her father and grandparents since she was 6 years old. Tiffany is basically a healthy young woman, she did have dental surgery in the summer of 2007 to remove excess teeth. When she was younger, she had surgery on her eyes to correct the eye muscles. She will be attending an adult day care program beginning on August 01, 2009
Tiffany loves to attend church, sing in the church choir, look at videos, dvd's and listen to cd's. Tiffany operates her own tv, dvd and cd player.
Tiffany does well in familar surroundings, but does not like strange places.
It is a pleasure to live with Tiffany, she has brought so much love and patience to us. She knows what she likes and what she dislikes.
Tiffany, she is basically a mild mannered person, but she likes things her way, and will become agressive to anyone who tries to take something that belong to her. Tiffany understands well and she talks in two to three word sentences. She loves to watch videos of the Cosby Show, Annie, Barney and Matilda, she will repeat every body's part in these movies when she is alone, but will stop when someone enters the room. She loves gospel music she will say "Church Music", and will sing along with the CD until someone comes into her room. She loves McDonalds Fish sandwich, fries and coke, this is her favorite Sunday lunch.

Doris J. Turner