Sheridon Nancy Campbell was born on March 26, 2002 at 1:58 p.m. after about 20 hours of labor and then a c section. She weighed 6 lbs, 5 ozs and was 19.5 inches long. She was quite purple upon arrival and needed some massaging and blow by oxygen to get her to cry for us at first. They gave her to me for a minute and I was surprised that she had dark hair and two large cowlicks on her forehead! She went to the special care nursery for several hours (with her Dad standing by) and they sprung her with a clean bill of health. They mentioned to my husband Scott that she was the only baby who didn't cry when they washed her hair- this was just the start of many hours spent in the bath tub!

Sheridon had trouble nursing and gaining weight, she also spit up a lot and didn't seem to have the normal number of dirty diaper's. So at four month's of age she had her first food-prunes!- per the Drs. orders. She has suffered from severe chronic constipation ever since.

When she was 9 month's old I measured her head because I was on baby looking up what percentile she was in for height, weight, and head circumference. Well her head didn't make it on the chart so I asked her Dr at her 12 month and she said we will watch it. At fifteen months she ordered an exray of her head to make sure the sutures hadn't closed too early and then ordered a CT scan. By this time she was also having repeated Urinary tract infections so she ordered a VCUG test at the same time. By this time I was about five months pregnant with her brother. This began a series of a whole lot of tests for Sheridon and they have continued through this year although most of them have been negative. She was diagnosed with RTS in January of 2007 when she was almost five years old.

She has been under general anethesia three times for the CT scan, MRI, and a biopsy. She was hospitalized this March with pneumonia.

Other than the medical stuff she is such a happy girl, she loves music, playing in the water, fishing, reading books, watching movies- mostly musicals!, and she loves nature in general and animals. She loves to go to school and she has had lots of tutors over the past 3 years who love her and come back to visit her after they are done!

We feel blessed to have been given this very exceptional little girl to raise, she has helped us to appreciate so many things we used to take for granted- like good health for one. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her ability to bounce back from adversity is a quality I wish I had!

Sheridon and her 3 year old brother Blaise mostly roughhouse and fight these days-we are hoping this phase passes soon....

She just started kindergarten last week and loves it! She comes home and practices all of her new teaching skills on her brother and if he won't cooperate she "teaches" imaginary friends. I have even overheard her doing this is in her favorite place, the bath tub!

Patty and Scott

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Patty Campbell