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Charlie (4) and Scotty (2)

Scotty Broderson with "Dexter" the prairie dog.

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We were so sad when we had to let Dexter loose last spring.
We found a nice prairie dog town outside Lubbock. Scotty and Dexter shared Cheerios from the same box!!

He is also proudly displaying his special Olympics medal for bowling!!

Hi! My name is Scott Michael Broderson, and I was born in Lubbock, Texas on April 29, 1984.

My nickname is Scotty. My mom Kippy calls me Mr. Scotty, my dad Kyle calls me Booter, and my older brother Charlie has lots of other names for me(!).

scotty1 When I was born, I gave everyone quite a scare! I just couldn't seem to keep my formula down.

It took me about an hour to take just a few ounces. Then…up it came! I also had pneumonia about 5 times back then and had to stay in the hospital an awful lot. Finally, after a few years, I started gaining weight and eating everything in sight!

I've also had lots of surgeries. Without going into the gory details, I'll just list all the ones my mom can remember: thumbs corrected, one testicle descended and the other removed, hernia repair and follow-up surgery to remove an infected node from that surgery, circumcision (Ouch…that was painful!), tubes in ears, tongue clipped 3 times, and 11 teeth pulled all at once.

Then there were the accidents! I fell off a sidewalk and broke my leg, burned my feet and bottom with hot water, dislocated my kneecap, broke my same leg again, and got my nose broken. I'm pretty tough, though. Guess I have a high pain tolerance.

I go to school on the bus every day. My file at school says that I am non-verbal, but I manage to tell what's on my mind! I use about 8 signs. I love school, but I don't like not getting my way. My teachers have taught me a lot about controlling my behavior. I still have a lot to learn!

Now that the boring stuff is over, I want to say a little about myself. My favorite things are my Mickey Mouse room, my videos, my photographs (that I sneaked out of my mom's album!), and all my little characters that I keep in special baskets and buckets. I also love to snoop around my brother's room when he's not home. I love to swim at the YWCA twice a week, and swing outside on pretty days.

If you want to know more about me, you can email my mom at

 She loves to brag about me! My name is Scotty, and that's my story!

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