Ray is RTS and was born on March 31, 1980. We have come a long way since then.

Our family is planning on attending the International RTS Conference to be held in Cincinnati, OH in July and we are looking forward to meeting other families and specialists.

Ray at 18 is 5'6" tall and about 180#. We have had major surgery done for a tethered spinal cord at age 10. He is wearing braces on his teeth. We had two teeth extracted from his upper set to allow room to bring two teeth forward that came into his mouth behind his front teeth. He is nearsighted and wears glasses. His one leg is about 1 inch shorter than the other. I feel the discrepancy in his leg length is because we didn't catch the tethering of the spinal cord soon enough. That side of his body was failing to thrive. We noticed it when he couldn't jump off curbs anymore. He is calm and agreeable the majority of the time. However when he becomes frustrated by another's actions the severe limitation so fhis verbal ability cause him to become angry and aggressive. We have used the augmentative communication device. Walker-Talker, to help alleviate some of this aggressiveness and it has helped over the past three years. He seems to have an overabundance of autistic/obsessive compulsive tendencies. He always must have a book in his hands, and enjoys just sitting and rocking to music. All of his book material must be lined up exactly right and he is unhappy when someone changes any of them around.

He attends a community-based program at a local high school. The children work at local businesses, to learn work and social skills. Ray is a diligent worker and can work independently on the job site. Ray has done cafeteria work, stockroom work sizing, (matching size labels with clothing sizes and hanging it on hangers for store displays), stamping of letters, envelopes, folding, and putting in envelopes for mailing, preparation of laboratory trays for medical research, and is currently working in thelaundry room of the senior assisted retirement home, folding bibs, bedpads, towels, napkins. The best part is that everywhere Ray has worked he has been a credit to the program. All of his employers have offered him work on a permanent basis when he gets out of school. The natural gentleness, humor and diligence of the RTS child makes them an asset in the workplace.

Our address is above. I do not have an on-line address at home. Our telephone number is (301)977-0169.


Carol, Roger and Ray Marcotte

16916 Glen Oak Run

Rockville, MD 20855

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