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Quinn1 Meet Quinn Douglas McRorie-Harvey. Quinn was born December 28, 1995 and diagnosed with RTS at nine months of age. He lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada where he is a busy little three-year old - running, jumping, climbing, falling. Quinn loves music and enjoys going to his weekly Kindermusik class. He keeps his mom pretty busy as he never sits still. He's a little ball of energy!

Quinn's diagnosis left his parents feeling very shocked and alone. They, of course, had never heard of RTS and had very little information as to what the diagnosis would mean for their son. After months of feeling this way, services began to fall into place for Quinn and his family. Quinn now receives regular OT, Quinn2 PT and ST services. He also has a Child Development Counselor who works with him on a bi-weekly basis.

Developmentally, Quinn has been doing very well. He was sitting unassisted at 6 months of age, crawling at 10 months and began to walk at 21 months of age. Quinn has always been a very vocal little guy and so his parents were a bit skeptical about believing he would not talk. Nevertheless, Quinn's mom began teaching him sign language when he was about a year old. It was a great day in the McRorie-Harvey household when Quinn said (or rather signed) his first word "milk". Quinn learned quite a few signs but never uses them anymore since beginning verbal speech around the age of two. It was at this time that he also started receiving speech therapy. He has Quinn3 come a long way since then and now speaks almost age appropriately.

Healthwise, Quinn is doing very well. He had surgery for undescended testicles in October 1997 and came through with flying colours. Quinn's biggest health issues have been constipation, ear infections and poor weight gain. These problems seem to have been alleviated now thanks to a daily dose of Lansoyl and plenty of white grape juice (for the constipation); surgery to insert tubes in his ears (for the ear infections) and Boost nutritional supplement. At three years of age Quinn is now 3 feet tall and weighs 28 lbs.

Always a happy little guy, Quinn is a real social animal and seems to thrive on attention and activity. He started full time daycare in October Quinn4 1998 and simply loves it (making it a lot easier on mom who has gone back to work). Quinn loves to "read" books and has memorized many of his favourite ones. He will recite the words with you as you read to him. A typical little boy, Quinn is a car/truck fanatic. He also likes watching Barney and the Teletubbies.

Quinn is a determined little guy capable of doing anything. He has brought so much joy and happiness to his family. It's impossible to imagine life without him - just the way he is....perfect!.

If you would like to get in touch with Quinn's mom, Lisa, send a message to mcharvey@escape.ca