Paolo is our second son, born in June 1970 with RTS problems. Nobody at the hospital informed us about his syndrome despite of the fact Paolo was smaller and weaker than the normal, having reflux feed problems and angulated thumbs.

After few weeks it was necessary to urgently recover him to the hospital because of a pneumonia. At that time we had been informed, in a dramatic way, about his RTS syndrome... we were despaired!

We started immediately to collect information regarding this syndrome without appreciable results... 40 years ago even medical doctors were not very well informed about this syndrome in our country. During a specialist visit we were informed that Paolo was destined to spend his life on a chair, they said “ he’ll never walk “. We initiated immediate physical therapy, early intervention and infant stimulation, spending a large part of our life time for him.

Well, we are glad to say that Paolo not only is walking without having problems; he runs his cycle and he moves his body very well!

Paolo is a wonderful 40 years “ old boy “, loving , friendly and he lives his life in an happy way.

He likes a lot (too much) watching television and playing with his computer using interactive games. He is now even able to write short sentences using his computer under our assistance.

No way to imagine that results 40 years ago!!! Paolo is very attracted by all the electronic gadgets learning all these matters quite easily.

As many RTS persons, Paolo doesn’t like loud sounds and crowd environment.

Since 24 years ago, Paolo attends a special school for disable persons, located few hundreds meters from our condominium, in the Milano area (north of Italy).

What we noted in the Paolo life was a constant and continue improvement, even now he is learning new things improving his mind and knowledge.

This is wonderful! We will be glad to correspond and to meet families with adult RTS persons to exchange information and experiences.

Best regards to all of you and your family.

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