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with her 

I would like you to meet my daughter Nikki.
She was born on
December 24 1998 at 8:33am.

6 weeks old

garden_piglettiggerwheelbarrow  Nikki had a very rough start in life, she was born about 7 weeks premature. Nikki was ventilated for 17 hours after birth. She spent the first 4 weeks of her life in hospital. She weighed 3 pounds 10 ounces and was 16 inches long. When she left the hospital she weighed 4 pounds.

tigger_withhearts At 1 day of age her pediatrician noticed the classic features of RTS.The FISH study was done on her by 1 week of age, 6 weeks later the test came back as everything being normal.

Nikki recieved all the standard test. All are normal!!!!! yah

The only real difficulties I have had with her are: She has an over sensitive toungue and palate and is unable to suck on a bottle, therefore she has an NG-tube which she has had since the day
she was born. It is not believed that she has reflux but she has  also never been tested for it. Her doctor says that IF she does have it its mild.

Nikki is now almost 7 months old and is very heathy. She currently weighs over 12 pounds. And is 24 inches long.


Nikki is at about the right age for her due date when it comes to her achivements.


3 days old
15 weeks old

Here They Are!  Nikki's Brothers!

aaron richard


My RTS Family: Kelly Porter (mom to Nikki), Debbie Ford, Kate Ford and Nikki.

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