Nancy Rose Prendergast
AKA Noodle

Nancy was diagnosed as having RTS at 1 yr-old after lots of hospital  trips, suggested chronic deafness, urinary tract infections, ear  infections reactions to innoculations etc. and lots of worry.

She is now 6, DOB 5 May 1991.  Since 1, her health has improved and she has had a happy life.

At 9 months she had a one-off starring role in a children's TV  programme I was working on as she was so good-natured and (as far as  we were concerned much too) quiet and well-behaved.  She has been a bridesmaid (and nearly eclipsed the bride.)

Now she is a happy, pretty, entertaining, popular little girl who is  well most of the time (apart from continuing constipation).

She attends main-stream school with full-support.

She has to compete with identical twin younger sisters (just 4) who  have overtaken her in most developmental areas. Nancy can always tell  them apart (most people's accuracy is 50%) All three find the word "pooh!" extremely funny

She has been a little ambassador for special needs and can spot  fellow-travellers with unerring accuracy, though self-diagnosis is not  strong- She asked " Mummy, have I got Downs Syndrome?" She has rewarded her parents immensely, has broken and mended our  hearts time after time and we are terrified by what the future may  hold.