Hi everyone, my name is Melissa.

I wanted to write my own biography instead of having my sister to do it for me. I was born November 15th 1971 at Cape Fear Valley medical center in Fayetteville NC. Doctor Mcdaniel delivered me. I weighed 6 lbs., 5 oz. my mom and dad loved me very much. I had to much hair that my  grandpa Williams called me a jet black haired hippie. I have 4 sisters and 2  brothers. My little brother is adopted. I was diagnosed with rts at the age of 2 or 3. I was born with the symptoms of rts, you name it I was born with it. I grew up talking. School life was very hard for me. I was made fun of, even learning got hard. Even in high school, I tried so hard to memorize whats I learned, it was like my brain wouldn't let me. I tried to live a christian life at school. I used to pray " God why can't I be normal like everyone else". But later in life God had a special plan for my life. He wanted to use me to sing, and play the piano for his glory. If I couldn't learn educationally, I could learn other things. I didn't take piano lessons, God taught me how to play by ear. But you know, the doctors said I wouldn't live to be a year old, but God showed him a thing or 2. I thank God for letting me live this long. Now allow me to talk about my sisters and brothers, they love me just the way I am, they treat me like any normal person. If anyone tries to hurt me, they will be there for me, they will try to defend me and I thank God for my mom, I'm very thankful she didn't give up on me when the doctor said I wouldn't live to be a year old. Sadly, my dad is no longer with me, he died March 20th 1986. I miss him very much and I know if he was here seeing me what I'm doing now, he would be proud of me. I'm very much involved with my church, they too treat me like any normal person, I love my church, and they love me. Now my interests are fishing, going to church, talking to the deaf, I learned how to sign because I have a deaf cousin, friend and my brother-in-law is deaf, I learned it when I was a teenager, and I love to chat with my friends and family on aol, and I love to sing and make tapes of me singing and playing my keyboard and give em to people, and I love to go to wal-mart, and in Dec I love to go see the Christmas lights, and I love to go out to eat. Well, I have had my fair share of ups and downs, I'm not always a happy person. But it helps me alot to talk about whats bothering me. I also love listening to gospel music, my favorite group is the Crabb family, the Gaithers and many others. I don't regret being born with rts, I see it as a blessing. In 1989, I started working at a sheltered workshop with mentally and physically challenged people. I made alot of friends and
made money too. I loved going to special olympics too. But all these years, God has been good to this ol country girl, yep I'm a 100% country girl and proud of it. So, I give all the glory to God for all he has done for me. I'm still learning things, I ain't perfect, just forgiven. So, I hope and pray you get something out of my story.

You can e-mail Melissa at: ANjelzOvrMe@aol.com