Mighty Max was born on February 24, 1997.  He lives with his parents, Janet & Jeff, and siblings, Devin & Zoë, on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.  At the time of this writing (March '99), he has just celebrated his second birthday. What growth and changes two years have brought!

Like many children with RTS, Max has undergone several surgeries (bowel, g-tube, testes, thumbs), procedures and tests at a very young age. Fortunately, for now he's through all the necessary  interventions without any others anticipated (except possibly dental issues down the road).

In terms of Max's developmental milestones, his progress has been very gradual, though steady. At 24-1/2 months we're thrilled that he has finally started to creep and crawl! Though still preverbal, Max understands much of what we say to him (through speaking and sign language) and he certainly doesn't have any problems communicating his needs to us!

Max is generally very healthy with no major illnesses to report since his last aspiration pneumonia when he was four months old. However, Max does still struggle with constipation. After exploring many dietary  approaches with little success, we have resorted to supplementing him with a stool softener. Max's pediatrician is confident that Max's constipation issues are related to his low muscle tone and that as his
tone improves his internal motility will naturally improve also.

Max was hospitalized for many weeks after his birth, but since he came home at three months of age he has been involved with several caring and devoted therapists through our local Infant Development Program. His team is always there for him and they are a valued source of information, guidance and support along our journey with Max.

Max's favourite "therapists" though, are still his older siblings - Devin (born 12/85) and Zoë (born 02/88). Zoë "mommys" him all the time and Max is particularly fond of her staging plays with all her puppets and stuffed animals or singing & dancing for him to a variety of music. Devin often gets rambunctious with Max and they both love to rustle and tustle with one another. Max learns so much from his big brother and sister and they all make each other laugh, a lot!

hat Max has an enviable knack of bringing out the best in everyone. He is truly an extraordinary being and very generous about showering his special gifts and charms everywhere he goes! We often shake our heads wondering just how we got to be so lucky to have been blessed with Magical Max in our family!

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