My name is Sandi and I live in a little town called Shoreham By Sea in Great Britain. I am Mum to Maia Channon Radford who was born on 15/5/97 at 39 weeks gestation. She weighed only 4 lbs. 8 oz. and suffered meconium aspiration when delivered by c-section.  She wamaia1s transferred to our local neonatal intensive care unit, but still deteriorated so was transferred to one of our most famous Childrens Hospitals "Great Ormand Street'. She was christened before she left as they did  not hold out much hope for maia her.  She was sent there for 'ECMO' assessment but luckily was not ill enough to need ECMO!!  She then came back to our local NICU after 10 days and stayed Maia at age 1there until she was eight weeks old.
She also had a real problem with reflux but she My husband Shaun, me (Sandi),  son Craig (12), son Kurt (4) and  of course the star of the show   Maia (nearly 2).grew out of this when she was about 5 months old - it is only a problem now if she is a bit poorly
Before she came home photos were taken of her hands, feet and face and sent to a genetecist, but we still have not got a positive diagnosis of RTS.
She finally came home on oxygen and continued to need it until she was a year old.  We were all very excited and worried to have her at home (especially brothers Craig 11 and Kurt 3) but she got stronger and stronger.  She has chronic lung disease and needs inhalers, and of course she gets lots of chest infections, but she has only been back in the hospital three times (once because she was prescribed 5 times the amount of diuretic than she needed!)
She has broad thumbs and big toes and of course is very small (18 pounds at 22 months and 75.5 cms tall).  She also has a heart murmur which is getting better, but I was told this was because of a ductus re-opening when she was critically ill, so if things had gone normally at birth she would not have a murmur now.
Maia crawled at 10 months and walked at 14 months but has only just started to say a few things which sound like words (dada, baba).  She is learning Makaton sign language and has picked up about 15-20 signs!
She is a real 'daddies girl' and loves to twist him around her little finger!
She loves to chase her brothers and loves to play with dolls and teletubbies!
Food is not a big hit with Maia and I sometimes wonder how she puts on any weight as she has days when she hardly eats a thing!
The future is a little scary, but we absolutely adore our little angel, and thank God that we still have her!
She has recently been assessed and we have been told to send her to a mainstream playgroup when she is old enough, and she will almost definitely attend a mainstream school.  She was attending a playgroup for children with 'special needs' but it was felt she would learn more from a more 'normal' environment.  Only time will tell!!

I love to hear about everyone elses little darlings!!
Sandi Radford