Mack was born in his motherís heart, coming to live with her when he was 8 months old. He resides near Pittsburgh, PA with his mother, brother, sister, and numerous dogs, cats, and ducks over the years. He brought to the home sincere from the heart joy, humor, love, and laughter. We cannot imagine our life ever being without his brilliant smile, cheerful eyes, and warm hugs.

104Mack is a very happy boy. He is overjoyed with the simplest of events and discoveries, reminding us what joy there is in everything if we would only take the time to look. He loves to play in his big yard, and hike through the woods. Walks to the creek tickle him to pieces, and time in the pool is an activity he never likes to end. His favorite things to do are read books, swing, computer games, and watching movies. He loves Sponge Bob!

Mack is very good verbally, though we have to wait patiently for his responses. Years of signing and speech therapy have paid off in teaching Mack how to communicate. He now will recite endless lines of movie dialogue as well as repeat stories he has read word for word. He spends so much time play acting all the movie parts we are certain he will be a director some day!

3Mack has basically been healthy with RTS except for the beginning years of diarrhea and the slack muscle tone combined with trembling legs that kept him from walking strongly. His digestion track has finally stabilized in development, aiding in his ability to be potty trained just a few months before he turned 10. Though stairs are sometimes a challenge, keeping up with daily exercises maintains his ability to walk without falling. He is often able to concentrate enough on his trembling legs to control and overcome the interruption himself. Besides some future dental work, an undescended testicle was the only major medical issue he had to face.

4Mack currently attends public school in the Life Skills classroom with one on one support where he is learning grade school level reading and math. The past several years he has made a tremendous amount of progress in every area of his life.

Kate Ann