We live in Columbus, GA. Lauren was born on 1-17-96 and was diagnosed with RTS this week. I was very happy to find so much information on the parents group site, and I enjoyed reading about your daughter. Although Lauren's diagnosis came as quite a shock(we had never heard of RTS), we are happy to finally know what has been causing her problems.

She was born with a club foot and required casts and braces. For the past year she has been going to OT, PT, ST, and various doctors. No one had any idea why she was delayed. She began walking at 19 months and is still not talking. She is trying very hard, but she only babbles and make a few recognizable sounds. She is learning a little sign language and uses some picture boards.

I was very encouraged by all of the letters that I have read. Lauren is a very happy girl and we love her a alot. We welcome anyone who would like to contact us. At this point we are trying to collect as much information as possible and would like to connect with other people going through the same experiences.

Lauren is an only child, but has 3 four legged siblings. We have 3 Dobermans(2 female, 1 male) and she loves them!! Like other children I have read about, she loves water, music and computers. She also like to look through books quite a bit. Our hardest times have been communicating with her. It's frustrating for all of us when all that comes out is whinning or a grunt.

Contact: goodysb@directvinternet.com