Kevin was born7-29-1978 - age 28. He graduated in 2004. He is very involved in the Special Olympics. He just got back from the Summer Games in Mt. Pleasant, MI. He was on the Swim Team. He has been going since he was 8yrs. old. doing everything. He plays basketball, is in 4-H, bowls, poly-hockey. He has his own micro-business. He is "The Produce Guy". He works 2 days a week, riding the transit alone, there and back. He also volunteers at Meals-on-Wheels one day a week.

Kevin is not shy and loves to be with his family and friends. We live in Caseville, MI. That's almost the very tip of the thumb. Kevin has sleep apnea and wears a c-pap mask at night. He wears glasses. He has a girlfriend that he has known since he was 6 yrs. old. He was in Laurie Baxter's book when he was very young. Kevin has one brother, Frank. He is 24 yrs. old and is going to college for criminal justice.

Rhonda L. Jennings - Kevin's mom