Well it has been a year since my last letter. Kaylin has made wonderful progress. She is growing rapidly, almost chubby! It is nice to see her with some weight on her. She is now 36 lbs. and 3 foot tall.

Kaylin is in her second year of Pre-K. She loves school. Her speech is improving rapidly. We are currently interviewing fora speech therapist that will also teach sign language. We are confident that Kaylin will continue to develop her vocabulary, but would like her to have an additional skill through sign language. Besides, it is fun for us to learn something as a family.

In addition to communication, our biggest issue at this point is balance. Kaylin has epilepsy, and when you combine that with bad balance, you end up with several injuries. We try to watch her closely, but kids will be kids. Kaylin has a type of seizure that is referenced as a "startle seizure." She will have a small jerk and kind of lose control for just a moment. This is just enough to cause her to fall to the ground unexpectedly. Normally this is not a problem, unless there is something between her and the ground! We have been very fortunate, she has only had one injury that required stitches. Most of the time she ends up with a bruise. Once she fell and hit her cheek on the fireplace. At the time it didn't look bad, within a couple of days her eyes and cheek were awful looking. We were so conscious of her in public, we were afraid someone would think she was abused!

Kaylin enjoys the outdoors. Any activity outside is heaven to her. We purchased bikes last year and began picking her up from daycare on them. She thinks she is hot stuff. We purchased what is called a "Trail-a-bike" for her. We replaced the bicycle seat with a child seat and put on a Goofy horn and away we go. It sems no matter how far that we ride she is thrilled. We rode nearly 30 miles once, I was tired, but she could have gone forever! Keep in mind I'm pulling an extra 40 lbs. or so.


Kaylin continues to capture the hearts of anyone she comes in contact with. This does cause some discipline problems. No one wants to punish her, "she's too sweet!"

Kaylin is such a blessing to us.