Ruggroup Jessica Frances-Lynn Hicks was born on June 20, 1995 in Columbus, Ohio, USA. She was diagnosed with Rubenstein-Taybi Syndrome the day after she was born. She had heart surgery for PDA at five months of age. Since then she has been very healthy. She will need to have surgery in the future to correct her angulated thumbs.

Jessca lives with her Mommy and daddy, her two brothers John (9), James (7), and a new baby sister, April, born April 19th, 1998. She also has a grown brother and sister, Gary Jr. and Melody on her Daddy's side. She is "Aunt Jessica" to Alysha, Dustin, Dylan and Cross.

Rugratsball Jessica is very friendly, and usually happy unless being told "No". She likes to play with hats and sunglasses, and having books read to her while she turns the pages. She loves her stuffed animals, especially Big Bird, Elmo, and Cookie Monster. She hugs and pretends to feed baby dolls. Jessica is very active, but will sit for hours to watch her favorite shows, Blue's Clues, Gullah Gulla Island, Allegra's Window, and Rugrats.

Chuckie Jessica attends a special pre-school, which she enjoys very much, and she's making wonderful progress. Right now all that she can say is "Da-Da", but she is learning to sign. She uses a few signs, "more" and "all gone" are her favorites. She also communicates by pointing and shrieking. Jessica will take a few steps on her own, but no more. She's doing well wih her walker, and we hope she will walk alone soon.

We are all very glad that Jessica is healthy, happy, and doing new things every day.

Lynn Hicks Contact: sewzan@webtv.net

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