"Dose are so cute!!!"  Alexandra Woelfle

Jake and Nick, 5.5 months.

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Jake at 4 months.

Born November 12, 1999 at 10:33 a.m.

From day one Jake was the one who wanted everything done in a hurry.  He was what they call Twin A... the one who sits in the closest position to be born throughout the pregnancy.  It was Jake, who due to his eagerness, brought on a lot of the preterm labour problems, and it was Jake who eventually started the delivery process... 12 weeks ahead of schedule.  Jake was born with a full head of dark hair, and skin that was a dark rudish colour.  He was placed on a ventilator within minutes of being born and remained on it for the first 5 days of life.  The neonatologists noted that he had a murmur in his heart, and put him on medication to help close his PDA.  The medication appeared to work in the beginning, but within a week the murmur could be heard again.  After trying the medication one more time, the decision was made to ligate the PDA.  Surgery was successful, and Jake began to get healthier with each passing day.  Abdominal ultrasounds showed that he had no abnormalities with his kidneys, echograms showed no further heart problems... with the exception of a functional murmur... and cranial ultrasounds showed a clumping of small cysts that we most likely from small bleeds (common to prem babies).  He developed Stage One ROP in his eyes (retinalopathy is also common in prem babies) which has regressed nicely, and had to have a probe done on one of his eyes to open up the tear duct.
At 156 days old, Jake has grown 7 inches and now weighs 11 lbs., 5 ounces.  He requires oxygen to help him breath only at night times.  He's extremely attentive and has a wonderful little laugh, and babbles nonstop, like he's really having a conversation!  He still seems to be in a hurry to do everything... NOW... perhaps this is a permanent part of his personality and will help him to overcome some of the obstacles ahead of him.

Wade and Jake, 6 weeks old.

Jacob Dylan Woelfle, 45 days old.

The Woelfle's can be reached at bunibrown@aol.com

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