Jack Loren Morgan as born August 18, 1990 at St. Francis Hospital in Topeka, KS.  He weighed 7 lbs. and 11 oz. A team of doctors decided to name Jack's obvious condition Carpenter's Syndrome so he could get his SSI and Medicaid.
Jack was not diagnosed with Rubinstein Taybi syndrome until 1997. His neurologist said Jack didn't fit the description of a person with Carpenter's Syndrome.  A genetics doctor at KU Med center in Kansas City, KS studied information and pictures of Jack.  She announced he had RTS the summer of 1997.

 Jack has had over 10 surgeries over various parts of his body. He has had open heart, patent ductus repair, and cranial surgery. He has had his testicles brought down also. His right knee cap had to be put back into
 the correct position since it was off to the side. In 1996, Jack's hip had  to put back into socket.

 Jack was born with one extra digit on his left hand so he had surgery to  correct it. His forefinger on his right hand asn't any good so it was removed. As a result Jack has a thumb and three fingers on each hand.

 The fact that Jack has big thumbs and great toes along with distinctive  facial features helped the genetics person to conclude he had RTS.

 Jack's favorite activities are playing ball, swimming, watching TV, and listening to music. Jack walks with a reversable walker. He also uses a wheelchair.

 Jack attends Stockton Junior High in Stockton, KS.  Jack is a happy and healthy boy. God has brought him down a long hard road and Jack's future is looking bright.  

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