203 Erin Zachary Myers, born 9/13/88 in UC Irvine CA.

He has one older brother Scotty who is 17 and an older sister Jennifer who is 13.

 Erin had major heart problems when he was born and transferred to UCLA right after birth.

When we got to UCLA a group of Genetic doctors approached us and told us that he had RTS.
We had no idea what that was all they could tell us is that his IQ would be very low and not to expect much from him. When Erin was 4 years old he was having trouble catching on to the potty training. We found Laura Baxter's phone number and called her. I was really amazed when she started giving us advise on how she handled her son. I thought maybe she had been living in our home.

Erin's teachers did not have much hope for Erin to learn above 3 year old levels. He was bounced around to every school in our area. We felt Erin could do a lot of things he just did not want anyone to know he could. Last year we went to the conference and learned a lot of new things about RTS.
My older kids feel in love with all the kids. They had a hard time leaving, they wanted to take all of them home with us.
Erin has had a great year this school year. He has discovered the world of reading. It is amazing, one day we were sitting in a doctors office and he picked up the book of the cat in the hat and said he was going to read it to me. I went along with him and said ok. He read the whole book to me and I almost fell off my chair. Since that time he reads most of the time. He also has been getting 100% on his spelling test. All of his teachers are amazed.

The school counselors stated that it was not possible, they just tested him last year and he did not know all of his alphabet. When they went into his class and seen him reading with his group they were amazed. He has done great this year, he can tell time, due his math and his reading. I am so proud of him.
I would love to go back to all the doctors that stated he would not be anymore then a couch potato and show them they were wrong and should never try to diagnose something ahead of time. We are so proud of him.

Remember never give up and keep pushing they know a lot more then they want any of us to know.