Mike and I have 3 redheads - McKenna, 12-20-96; Erika-RTS, 6-23-99; Luke, 9-6-03 .
Erika was born in June of 1999 and was diagnosed with RTS at one-week.
She had a harried first year with g-tube surgery (many feeding difficulties) and heart surgery (to repair 2 holes.) She is still (as of Jan. 2005)mainly non-verbal(a few sounds) but has many signs (about 200) and uses a communication device (a Dynamyte) fairly proficiently. She is now eating and we just (12/04)removed her g-tube - hurray!

She's in preschool now, has 2 weekly playdates with friends and is gearing up for kindergarten in the fall. Our most recent obstacle has been seizures, however, we think we have them under control. She laughs and smiles easily, plays jokes and is a joy in our family!

We have witnessed MANY miracles as a result of having had Erika.

Lisa Pugh