Devin Bradley Fix was born on June 26, 1992.  He recently celebrated his 10th birthday with his all time favorite movie theme:  The Wizard of  OZ.  He can recite the movie without having to read the script we  downloaded from the computer.

Devin will be in the 3rd grade this year.  He  should be in the 4th but due to surgery while he was in kindergarten we decided  to hold him back.  He has learned to read and does a remarkable job.  He loves books and is always wanting to learn.  When it comes to IEP time his teacher  always says "I never know what to write for him because Devin is Devin and he is always surprising"  He never fails to amaze the school and he is absolutely loved by so many.  I remember walking into the  school for open house and so many kids would walk past him and say "hi Devin"  That touched my heart so deeply!!!!!

At birth Devin weighed 5lbs 5 1/2oz, with angulated thumbs and 11 toes.  At 3 weeks of age he was diagnosed with RTS at Riley Hospital for Children.  Devin was our only child at the time and of course  we were completely devastated.

He has had numerous surgeries over the years which include:


Every time we think surgeries are over another  one creeps its' way in.  We just recently took him back to Ortho. to have the right knee looked at  because it is dislocating again.  It is not causing him  any pain and they want to wait since he is still growing and they would have to redo it once he stops growing. So we already know that is in our future.  Devin has a very HIGH tolerance for pain.  Sometimes that is not a good  thing........He broke his elbow after falling but did not cry at all and the next morning when he woke up it was so-o swollen and bruised that we knew it had  to be broken.  Sure enough we took him to the ER and it was indeed.

June 8, 2001 Devin initiated the need to go to  the toilet. In the past he hadn't showed any interest what's so ever.  From  that day forward we did a way with pull-ups and put him in underwear.  He had a  few accidents but with in no time he was completely toilet trained.  It was honestly a day that I didn't know if it would ever come--------and it just so happened to be our wedding anniversary the day he began.  So now I tell my husband that it's Devin's anniversary of toileting and we no longer have a anniversary (HA HA)

Devin is 51" tall and weighs approximately  100lbs. We have made changes in his diet and are trying to get him more physically active.  It is very hard to do because of his unsteadiness and his  dislike for the outdoors.  The sun really bothers his eyes and requires  sunglasses at all times.  He has a certain swing that he likes and once the sun  is down for the most part he will go outside.  He absolutely loves watching  tapes on his VCR.  We recently bought a camper and we try to get him to go  walking with us.  We also take a TV/VCR and sometimes bring it outside.

On July 8 Devin began swim lessons and he  absolutely loves it.  It's the only thing he gets excited for and moves his feet in a hurry to get out the door.  He is so very comfortable and likes the whole  idea that he can tough bottom.  We found a young lady that had worked with  children with disabilities in the past and she is really good with Devin.   Sometimes though he gets off track and breaks into a story to tell her.  He enjoys watching the videos I make of him swimming (or any other of HIMSELF as  far as that goes).  Swimming is really good for him and I am hoping to continue it with him.  Unfortunately it won't be with the same person because of  schooling but I intend to look into it.

Welp, that about sums up our DEVIN BRADLEY FIX.  He lives at home with Mommy (Corina)--Daddy (Brad) and Bailey(5..almost 6).  They are truly "brothers" right down to the fighting but they also get along very well.  Bailey almost  seems like the big brother sometimes.  There might be times we may not  understand Devin's wording and Bailey will kick right in to let us know what he  just said.  Devin has come along way verbally.  For the most part even strangers  can understand him.


Corina Fix