I would like to introduce my oldest daughter Debbie.

 She was
born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada on Feb. 21/82.


When she was born, there was no mention of any problems, but I noticed that her big toes were a little different looking. At six months of age, I asked the doctor if her development seemed to be delayed (wondered if it might just be first-time-mom nerves).
He told me at the time that she was "just lazy like her mother".
That stung a bit!

By the time she was a year old and still not able to even crawl - just nicely able to sit up unassisted - I began to get increasingly concerned. I asked the doctor to get me an appointment with a pediatrician in Halifax.

After this doctor had seen her (about 3 months later) he decided to admit her to the IWK hospital for tests. He said it would take about 2 -3 days. We were there for 11 traumatic days. One of the residents insisted she had Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, and came really close to harassment in her questioning as to my consumption of alcohol during the pregnancy. She did not believe me when I repeatedly told her that from the moment I learned I was expecting, I did not drink one drop of alcohol. We left with no diagnosis at all.

I arranged for my mother to make an appointment with Dr. Singh in Sarnia, Ontario for our next visit home. Finally at age 19 mos. we got a diagnosis - RTS. The literature that he gave me described Debbie in detail.

Debbie finally started to crawl in the summer of 1984, and she started walking on May 12/85 - Mother's Day! Deb has had few medical problems and only one surgery, to correct strabismus in her right eye at age 14 months. Our greatest concern is the frequency and severity of her epileptic seizures, but recently there has been some improvement in that area.

Debbie is usually a very happy, friendly outgoing teen, who loves school and any outing that you could think of. Deb communicates using sign, some vocalization and just plain dragging you to what she wants. She gives the best hugs in the world! And she has taught us many things.

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Debbie's sister

Contact: Kathryn Ford

Kathryn Ford (Paul, Debbie 17 RTS, Shannon 14)  Brigden, Ontario, Canada (near Sarnia)