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Cody was born on April 27, 1997 and is the first born to Butch and Tammie Kent.  Cody is now three years old living in Forest Grove, Oregon with his parents and  one-year-old brother Kasey.

The pregnancy was trouble free except for the large quantity of amniotic  fluid Tammie gained (about double the normal). Labor was induced and difficult.  As with many of the children with RTS, Cody was born with an abundance of black  curly hair. Cody weighed in at 7lbs 2oz and was 21".

Luckily, Cody has been a very healthy little boy. In three years we have only  had about six occasions of ear infections. Cody still has trouble with  constipation, but has gotten somewhat better since he has been walking and we  have taken him off dairy.

Cody has only had two surgeries. The first was two weeks before his first  birthday to bring down one of his testicles. The second was three months before  his third birthday to have four teeth removed.

Cody’s development, as most, is delayed. Cody could sit up at about seven  months, and he first crawled two weeks before his first birthday (the night  before his testicle surgery ). At three Cody  finally began walking. We were thrilled! Now that Cody is walking he is feeling  very independent and will only hold your hand if he wants to take you somewhere.  Although Cody is still a little clumsy, he can hold his own pretty well. Cody  still doesn’t speak, but he makes his wants known in his own way and very well.
Cody loves his little brother Kasey almost as much as Kasey adores him. Cody was only two when Kasey was born. We under-estimated Cody thinking that he wouldn’t  really understand what was going on. He was full of surprises!! When Dad brought  Cody to the hospital to see Kasey for the first time he was all smiles, as he is  most of the time. We sat Cody up on the bed so that he could see the baby and he  immediately broke out in a huge grin and reached for him. For the first two  months every chance Cody got he made it known that HE wanted to hold the baby  and kiss him on the head. Of course, Mom swelled up with tears as well as pride!

Cody has the same effect on most people. Although Cody is not verbal, he lets  the people around him know how special they are to him. Sometimes, when I come  home from work Cody comes running and half stumbling to me with a smile and a  hug, and it brings tears to my eyes to think that I was lucky enough to be  blessed with him.

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