Claire J. Stieber
Born May 17, 1991
to Robert & Emelita Stieber




We live in the Shenandoah Valley here in Virginia. I am Emelita and my husband is Bob. We have 4 kids, Jenny 12, Bobby 11, Billy 9 and Claire (w/RTS) just turned 7.

Claire was born May 17, 1991. She sat-up at age 12 mos. Crawled at age 15 mos. and walked at 27 months. I'm proud to say she accomplished potty-training at age 5 years old. That was a big relief--no more diapers.

She did not have any major medical problems. (That's why I had a hard time accepting the fact that she had RTS). She did have a clogged-tear duct and had to undergo two surgeries to open it up.

Claire is CRAZY about Barney and Barney is driving me crazy. She watches it all her waking time... "I get tired of listening to that I love you, you love me song"! But recently she discovered Big Comfy Couch and Tele-Tubbies! Great! I needed some variety!

Claire doesn't talk much except for a few words, like cookie, bye-bye and yeah! She says "yeah" to everything! That's better than saying "no"!

This April, 1998, the whole family traveled to the Philippines to visit my folks! Surprisingly, Claire did very well during the 24 hour trip to the other side of the world!

Emelita Stieber, the mother from hell, born, raised and married in the Philippines. Proud to be a Filipino.

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