Christopher is 9 years old.

Chris is a very happy little guy. He is a whiz on a computer and the nintendo. He loves watching tapes. Now that it is finally getting above freezing around here (WI) he runs out the back door and heads for his bike every chance he gets. Chris does not talk but sounds out the first syllables or letters of some words. He also signs many words. He has a knack for getting his point across. Chris has been pretty healthy. He had tubes in his ears, and an operation for undescended testicles that when he was three. Last year he had eye surgery because his eyes were pointing a little outward. He came through all these surgeries with flying colors. Two hours after surgery he was watching cartoons in the recovery room. He hardly complained. Chris didn't start walking until he was about two years old. He seemed to go from crawling straight to running. He likes to run a lot. He is not fully potty trained yet but we hope he will be soon. He is pretty well trained at school but at home he thinks he can be lazy.

Chris is in a special school. He has advanced to intermediate grade before some of his classmates from last year because he can spell several words and reads a lot of three and four and some five letter words. He can also write his name with a pencil. At times when he was a baby, I didn't know if he would ever be this far even though I hoped for much more. But I am really proud of him. He works and plays hard. He is the best basketball dribbler in his class. His teachers want to get him into special Olympics in a couple of years.

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