Brandon Taylor Myers came into this world July 10, 1997. The family doctor that began to care for Brandon had no clue that anything was wrong. I, as a mother, felt something was wrong but could not explain it. Brandon had a difficult time feeding at birth but no one seemed worried. It was not until we changed doctors at 3 months did anyone listen to us. Brandon had the basic characteristics of Rubinstein Taybi Syndrome at birth and as the months went on we knew there were more problems. The pediatrician that saw him at 3 months saw a problem but had no idea what was causing his delays, feeding problems and stiff posture. We traveled to Columbus Children's Hospital, under doctor's orders, and was seen by the head neurologist. The verdict came back as nothing wrong. Unfortunately that made our pediatrician just sit back and watch Brandon closely but do nothing else. The one thing the pediatrician did for us was give us the number to our local Early Intervention office. After being evaluated they recommended therapy and home health care. At four months we began physical, occupational and speech therapy along with home health nursing visits. The therapists worked on getting Brandon moving and the home health nurse watched his weight gain, length and assisted me in fighting with the doctor to get Brandon better care. We go to therapy at a MRDD school and when Brandon was 6 months old we signed up to see a geneticist at the school on January 21, 1998 we learned Brandon had RTS. At long last, we were finally informed of the true cause of Brandon's problems. As relieving as this was, we were perplexed and angered at being almost shoed out the door in less than 15 minutes. We were given no information about RTS except that we'd have to wait and see how he turns out. Of course, after returning home unable to find any information at the library, we had our family help us by using the internet. We thank everyone who has helped put information on the internet for us.

The computer became our best friend. After reading the info on the net we were amazed to see all the similarities with these kids. Our son definitely had RTS. We were excited when we found out that a family member could help us get in contact with Dr. Rubinstein. Four days after the diagnosis, I was talking to Dr. Rubinstein about Brandon and began the process to have him examined at the clinic in Cincinnati. At 11 months we saw the doctors for a week in Cincinnati. Brandon was described as a 5 to 6 month old at the time. It was a little difficult to hear that our son was "not up to par".

Now at 15 months Brandon is beginning to reach small milestones, which are HUGE milestones for us.  He sits up on his own, pulls to standing position and can get in crawl position but he is still a little apprehensive to move.  He had surgery on his right tear duct and an eye exam.  He is now wearing eye glasses, (which make him even cuter) and beginning to do more with them on.  Brandon has taught us alot about life and we wouldn't know how to act without his love and joy around all the time. But he is the love of our lives and we'll just have to take it day by day and try to enjoy every little step, leap, and bound he takes. God has truly blessed us with a special little angel who can brighten anyone's day.

From the proud parents of Brandon T. Myers, Donny and Juli Myers

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