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cdBethany was born on September 8th 1983 at the Lakes Region General Hospital in Laconia, N.H. after a normal delivery.  It was noticed that she had an odd hair growth pattern (thin short hair over most of her head and a fringe of dark hair about one inch long at the nape of her head) She also had a large pink birthmark on her forehead, which faded over time and the wide short thumbs and great toes. She had a chest x ray and hip x rays the next day and they were normal. My pediatrician recommended that we see a geneticist which we did a few months later.

As an infant Bethany was very easy! She didn’t know how to cry, she just scrunched up her face and opened her mouth but nothing came out! Except for the vomiting after every feeding I couldn’t believe she was actually gaining weight. She was a very easy, happy baby.

We went through a lot of antibiotics while she was little. She had chronic otitis media, bronchitis, constipation, even though I breast fed her till she was two years old. She was also treated for conjunctivitis chronically till just recently they figured out that she has ingrown eyelashes instead. She had a VSD (ventricular septal defect ) repaired at 4 yrs.

She finally walked at (with a walker) @ 3 yrs. She had occupational therapy starting at three months and started school at 3 yrs. She was potty trained at 5 yrs., and at 10 yrs. could go through the night without diapers.  She started her menses on Mother’s day @14 yrs. For the last several years she has had to go back into diapers at night, she can’t seem to keep control when she’s sleeping. She has finally grown out of all her illnesses, getting better every year, except for an occasional cold. She has three prunes every day with breakfast for constipation. Bethany is usually very cooperative and has a happy personality, although she can be very stubborn. She enjoys playing with her doll, dressing and feeding it, and plays her CD player for music and is better at the VCR and DVD player than we are! She entertains herself easily by looking at magazines, she’s worn out several phonebooks doing this.

While we were living in Michigan, she went to school till she was 24, full time and had the extended summer program. Now that we’ve moved back to NH. She has a day program for 6 hours, three days a week. She volunteers at a day care and also at the local hospital straightening magazines and folding facecloths. Most of her speech is repeating what you say to her although she used to say “You’re Fired” to her bus driver to get a laugh. Bethany has an older sister, Melissa, married and living in Michigan and a younger brother, Andrew, a college student. I’ve been reading through a lot of the stories on “Our Pages” and so many sound familiar! I would like to say to all the families out there with young children, accentuate the positive in every day, because each day is a blessing.

I would welcome any and all questions :