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Andrew, 8 months.Hello there.   I want to introduce you to Andrew G. Bialecki.  Andrew was born on a perfect fall New England day October 19, 1999.  My husband, Jerry, and I immediately noticed the great toes and thumbs, but were assured there was nothing to be concerned about.  His tiny ears and the port wine stain on his forehead caused people to comment that he "had his own look" (little did we know!).  Andrew was medically healthy, and came home with us less than 48 hours old.


When he was 2 months old, he began having minor "issues" --  an undecended testicle and an obstructed tear duct, both corrected with massage.  The constipation also began at this time.  At 4 months, Jerry and I said to each other "don't compare him to his older brother, Joey (born 12/20/1995).  Andrew will develop at his own pace."  We, however, did persist at this time that his toes were not correcting, and were referred to an orthopedic surgeon.  The surgeon immediately recommended physical and occupational therapy.  He also advised our pediatrician of a syndrome known as Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome and that Andrew's heart should be tested.  We were not advised of RTS.


Andrew, 6 months.Andrew's EKG and echocardiogram came back fine.  At his six month check up, we did express our concerns that Andrew was not rolling over or sitting up.  At this point, the genetics doctor, opthamologist and neurologist appointments were set up.  Jerry and I did not find out about RTS, however, until May, 2000 when Andrew's PT showed us a letter from the orthopedic surgeon to the pediatrician from his first meeting with Andrew in February.  Since then, we have taken over, learning and teaching all that we can.


Andrew, 4 months.Andrew has been a blessing. At 8 months, he has already educated his friends and family immensely.  He will continue to touch and enlighten everyone he meets.  His pleasant personality and hardy laugh make him irresistible!!  His big brother, Joey is the most spoiled little boy in the world--after all, he wanted a boy baby and that's what his parents gave him!  Joey adores Andrew, (he made us move Andrew's crib into his room) and although Joe is not aware of RTS yet, he will grow to see that it will not change their love for one another.


Kelly & Jerry Bialecki



Andrew and his 
big brother Joey

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