Ally came into this world at 36 weeks gestation after a rather  uneventful pregnancy with the exception of nausea throughout and excessive  amnionic fluid which caused a large weight gain in the last month. We were stunned with all of the complications that arouse upon her arrival.

  Ally's first 28 days of life were spent in the NICU where she was diagnosed with RTS and many of its complications and characteristics.  (VSD, PDA, Reflux, associated eye problems, skeletal abnormalities, respiratory complications, broad thumbs and toes, full head of dark hair, small head, bulbus chin and feeding complications) After 7 grave days and  dealing with the thought that our angel would not make it due to her collapsed lungs (she had aspirated amnionic fluid in utero) Ally underwent  her Nissen and G tube insertion surgery. This was very hard on her, but as we would soon learn, she is a fighter and she doesn't give up easily.
It was on day 28 of life that our world changed for the better. We  were going home for the first time all together as a family. It was a day that brings tears to our eyes as we closed a chapter on the darkest days  and moved forward to our much brighter future.  To date Ally has undergone 12 surgical procedures to include; Eye exams  under anesthesia, strabismus eye surgey, picc line placements, g tube placements, Nissen, Nissen revision, Appendectomy, Meckels diverticulum  removal, Malrotation of the colon correction and Hickman placements. Ally currently (2006) attends PT, OT, ST, and some private therapies. She  never seizes to amaze us with her persistance and drive. She is just  mastering walking and loves to explore her new found freedom. She can currently sign around 3 words and can say around 3 although the vocal words are not consistent and not always with meaning. She also can pick  pictures of things that she wants that are displayed on a board (PECKS).

  Ally’s major obstacles to date are her feeding issues. She has a G-tube  which gives her all of her liquid intake (pediasure) although we are working on a cup with liquid of honey consistency. She can do it, but she  is unfortunately still inconsistent enough that the G tube must remain.  Orally Ally eats pureed food with ease and is working on her self feeding  skills. Ally is roughly 19 pounds and although she eats every 2-3 hours  maintaining and gaining weight proves to be a large obstacle. As of March 27, 2006 Ally has been diagnosed with seizures. 

Since Ally’s birth we have learned the true meaning of gifts. Everyday is  a gift, every person is a gift, every triumph is a gift, and everyday as her parent is a gift that keeps giving. Ally has filled our lives with love, hope & faith. Our journey may be hard, our paths may be rocky, but  as long as we are a family the rainbow is always in view.


Cindy Ullman