Adam Whittaker was born 11 May 1996 to Karen and Keith and was diagnosed with the RTS syndrome one week after birth. He had a suspected chest infection and spend the best part of his first three weeks in hospital. By chance during that time it could be determined that his heart and kidneys were okay. Since that time he has been an enormously healthy boy without even a severe cold during the winter months.

He is a very friendly and amiable little chap and always willing to smile to you. He is happy when you read him books and he knows exactly what comes next on the pages. He doesn't speak yet and makes his wishes known by stretching out his arm and pointing to it. He is very nearly walking and it won't be long before he will walk unaided.

Since March he has a little sister Sophie and he is very much interested in her and is always trying to hug her.

We have been very lucky with Adam, because we know that so many of you have to go through so much more in the early years with your RTS children. So far, he has been very easy to look after. We now await his first surgery to open up his tear ducts and put the testes into the right place. We hope there won't be any more, but we have to take things as they come.

Kind Regards to everybody

Karen Whittaker

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