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Meet Others!

We have numerous ways to contact each other now. If you'd like to meet other parents try one (or more) of the ways listed below:

One on One Contact

  1. You can contact any of the parents on Our Pages by their email address at the end of the page.
  2. Lorrie Baxter, President of the USA Parents Group, has a 1-800 number and is very informative concerning RTS. She also has contact information and may be able to help you find someone in your area.
  3. Group Contact: Janet Estes started an email "group" of people. This list is great when you have a medical problem or would just like to share something with a group of people. When you join the email list you are anonymous. Some people prefer just to read the emails for awhile and some introduce themselves right away. You have the freedom to do it whichever way you feel comfortable. You can also contact people through their email address instead of to the complete list.
  4. RTS Organizations Around The World

Brazil RTS Association

Canada RTS Association

France RTS Association

German RTS Association

Netherlands RTS Association

Spain RTS Association

UK RTS Association

United States RTS Association

An e-mailing list allows everyone on the subscriber list to share e-mail messages automatically. When a message is sent to the RTS E-Mailing List, all subscribers receive a copy. Responses can be made privately or to the group. Basically, it's a group discussion via e-mail. There are no fees to subscribe.

Please contact Janet Estes, RTS List Owner/Administrator at

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