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The RTS email list is a group of people who share the joys and tribulations of having an RTS child or relative and also people with RTS. It is a wonderful way to reach a group of others and discuss medical procedures, educational issues, share the triumphs and much more.

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RTS Family Site - gives away space for families to start a website. Through the RTS Family Site was formed. This site features wonderful pictures and makes it very easy to upload pictures to the site. The bad part is that it has advertisements that get in the way. You have to become a member of the site in order to view it. To become a member email Janet Estes, Victor and Diane Duvall, Lorrie Baxter, Kip Broderson or Pam Harris who are all administrators for the site. If you were once a member, but lost your membership name and password you can also send an email to one of the administrators listed above. They can go into the site and “re-invite” you to the site. This will send you an email with your username and password.

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An e-mailing list allows everyone on the subscriber list to share e-mail messages automatically. When a message is sent to the RTS E-Mailing List, all subscribers receive a copy. Responses can be made privately or to the group. Basically, it's a group discussion via e-mail. There are no fees to subscribe.

Please contact Janet Estes, RTS List Owner/Administrator at

Stephen Georgen at the 1998 Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Veera was born in Mumbai, India on August 17, 1998.

If your country is not listed, that doesn’t mean there is no support! If the country doesn’t have a formal support group, there may still be families that reside in that country that you could contact. Join the RTS E-mail List to find families in your area to just meet people regardless of the country they’re from.

Lorrie Baxter, USA Parent Group, has contact with families all over the world.

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