The Big Blue Book - 1998 International Family Conference

Disclaimer: This book was created after the 1998 Family Conference.  The articles are important to all of those involved with RTS.  This is online without permission from Dr. Rubinstein and the Cincinnatti Rubinstein-Taybi organization.  They would prefer that you call Dr. Rubinstein at  1-800-344-2462 ext. 4621 and request a copy of the book.  I would encourage everyone, especially those with a child who has RTS to call the above number and request a copy of this book.  I have been reassured by Mark Shannon that this book will be sent to anyone who requests it, regardless of country.
All the information from the book is not online (another reason to call and request the book).  Left out are articles which are copyrighted or are not appropriate for the web site (includes list of attendees).  All articles which are deemed public domain are included..
Diane Wardlow

Tumors in Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome

Reprinted with permission from the Journal of Medical Genetics, 56: 112-115 (1995) Wiley, Liss, Inc.

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1998 Update: Tumors in Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome

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