Lisa is now 13 and has grown into a beautiful teenager.

Lisa is an amazing influence on how my family lives each day. There's not one day that goes by where I don't get that amazing smile and the " I Love You Beautiful" out of her. I wake up in the morning and there she is listening to her music and spinning, as she runs over to me and gives me our wake up hug and kiss, it just feels so fulfilling. It is as if for about that second nothing  else matters.

She has always been one of the most caring people in my life (besides mom). I have a cut on my hand and there is Lisa "Let me kiss it and make it feel all better", and when she does, yeah, it still hurts, but then again for some reason it feels a lot better too. She is also my inspiration, my encouragement "Go Shaynna, its your birthday if it isn't shake your booty"

"How do people make it through life without a sister?" I definitely can relate to  this quote, but in a different way. My way would be "How could I make it through life without Lisa?" I mean come on for any one who knows Lisa, she always makes everything exciting, and very adventurous.

As you thank God for the things you receive, I thank God he sent Lisa to me. Not a moment goes by where I don't want her by my side. She is a true treasure, one of a kind. And I am still so thankful that she is my sister. Not only my sister, but my friend. A Forever Friend

She is always going to be number one, no matter what. Just because she is Lisa!

Shaynna Wardlow


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